Because Getting your money here is only half the story!

If you have worked in the UK, you are quite likely to have a UK Pension, but do you know how much it is worth?

The Average UK pension pot is worth just under £50,000.

With the average men’s pot worth £73,600 and women’s £24,900 (source Office of National Statistics 2022)

 Failure to keep tabs on old workplace pensions has led to billions of pounds worth of savings being misplaced or forgotten about, according to The Association of British Insurers (ABI). The ABI estimates put the figure at around £19.4 billion, comprising 1.6 million pots with an average size of £13,000.

UK Pension Transfers to New Zealand

At Henderson Consulting we specialise in providing administration services for UK pension transfers to New Zealand.

We can help you find out what pensions you have in the UK, what your UK pensions are worth and then set out all the options available to you. This is a free no obligation service, as we want you to make the right decision based upon having all the relevant information. Contact us to find out what your pensions are worth.

We can also assist new migrants and returning New Zealanders with the financial aspects of moving to New Zealand by introducing you to recommended experts in areas such as UK & NZ Tax, Investment, Wills, Trusts and Insurance.


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Jeremy Henderson
Find out more about our UK Pension Transfer Service and how we can help you to move your pension to New Zealand.


Our FREE Financial and Pension guides are packed with up to date information for Brits moving to New Zealand.


If you’re looking for an expert to help move your UK pension to New Zealand then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


“I have been very pleased with the quality of the service you have given me. I valued greatly the friendly, yet professional, manner with which you were able to clarify and facilitate the process of pension transfer.”

R Kay

“Having made the decision to emigrate to New Zealand, and being someone who likes to make informed decisions, I tried to hoover up every piece of advice I could. Undoubtedly one of the best resources I found – and one I returned to many times during the emigration and settlement process – was Moving to New Zealand: A Financial Guide. The style is very accessible and it really helped my family to make the best decisions we could about exchanging money, opening a NZ bank account, insurance and pensions. The checklists included are invaluable and helped make the move as stress free as it could be. Highly recommended.”

Nick King

“May I say a big thank you for all the info on your amazing web site – most helpful. I have yet to see a more comprehensive source of info all in one easily accessible place.”

C Calcott

“Your website…is excellent and far better than any other I have read so far. I am working my way through the guide, which again explains the whole process so simply that even a layman like myself understands it…
Thanks again I have already recommended your site to everyone I know who is thinking of emigrating!”

G Williams

“Having begun my search of the internet for information about emigrating to New Zealand, I came across your website. I have to say that this is by far one of the most comprehensive and informative web-sites I have come across. It is easy to follow and has answers to all those burning questions you get when considering a new country. Every section of the site is well thought out and is easy to understand without missing out the key factors for each section. It has, and continues to be, an invaluable source of reference and is firmly placed on my favourites toolbar. I have returned to it almost daily for the past 4 or 5 weeks and can dip into the abundance of information and advice. It provides useful links to the various websites that you need to browse through without the need to go trawling through internet search engine lists for the sites with the right information. Hence, your website takes a lot of the ‘leg work’ away and the user is left with an easy to use, complete, reference tool and a ‘one-stop-shop’ site.
They are to be commended for providing such an excellent website and also the friendly in-person contact. Having now begun the process of emigrating to New Zealand I would recommend Henderson International above any other website, to anyone wishing to follow in my footsteps. Well done and keep up the excellent work.”

Jeremy Jones

“I just want to say thank you for sending these informative newsletters each month. I am at present in the throws of waiting to hear if I will be granted an NZ residents permit to allow me to join my family. So am making the most of this time to research all aspects of emigrating.
Whilst in NZ recently I found your website & must say how impressed I am by it, not only is it full of all the information I need, but it is good to know I can email if I ”become confused” over any issue I may have!!!! Again many thanks – keep them coming I look forward to receiving them.”

C Phillips

“I first came across Henderson International after hours of using search engines for different aspects of our emigration to New Zealand. Imagine my pleasure that (at 2am) I discovered Henderson International, one site does all!
I have been in contact with other companies that they have recommended, all of whom have been very efficient & professional. I look forward to the monthly newsletters as the information is always hot off the press, unlike many book that I had read that often were out of date before they even went to press!
The free 60 page guide was very informative & a helpful checklist at the end has helped our emigration have a plan of campaign! I took the liberty of printing it off making a pledge to plant a tree in memory of Henderson when I finally get to New Zealand!
If only I had found Henderson International months ago, I’m sure I would have saved the bags under my eyes, from lots of late night searching, & repetitive strain injury, from all that E mailing nonsense! Thank you Jeremy & Team, keep up you excellent work.”

Sarah Davis

“I used Henderson International recently to transfer two small pensions that I held in the UK. The service was friendly, simple and fast and I highly recommend that you contact them for any information concerning finance and New Zealand.”

Paul Goddard

“I wanted to let you know that I think the newsletter is great, really informative. We have been here nearly two years now and at times still finding our way; we are just embarking on buying a house, whilst keeping the house in the UK as a rental investment, I have just read the whole section on UK rental homes which has been very helpful.”

R Howard

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