About Me

My name is Jeremy Henderson and I  have extensive UK Pension experience. Over my career I have worked at Legal & General, Sedgwick’s, Barclays and GE Capital. I have specialised in areas including Final Salary pension schemes, Self Invested Personal Pensions and Executive Schemes. I have also worked at Microsoft in Redmond, Wa, US.


My Background

I was born in Loughton in Essex and  moved to Kingswood in Surrey at the age of 3. I then spent my adult years living in Balham and Kingston-upon-Thames in London. With overseas secondments in Seattle, Tokyo and Brussels.

Having moved to New Zealand from the UK with my family in 2002, I understand the trials and tribulations of emigrating.

I know that it’s definitely not all plain sailing. This is one of the reasons that I set up the Henderson Consulting website.


Our Mission

We specialise in providing administration services for UK pension transfers to New Zealand, but we can also introduce you to suitably qualified experts who can provide financial services for Brits emigrating to New Zealand and returning Kiwis who have lived in the UK.

The services that we can help provide includes:

  • UK and NZ Tax
  • Personalised Investment Portfolios
  • Stockbroking
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Wills, Trusts and EPAs

Along the way we will also share lots of additional information to help your move and settle in to life in New Zealand.

About Henderson CONSULTING

At Henderson Consulting we specialise in providing administration services for UK pension transfers to New Zealand. We do not recommend whether you should or should not transfer your pension. We have been involved in the transfer of occupational and personal pensions for UK migrants and returning Kiwis since 2002.

Based in Wellington, we have clients across New Zealand. We make regular visits to Christchurch, Auckland and around New Zealand.  We’re happy to come to you but most of our services can be arranged via email, post or phone. We are happy to meet virtually via Teams, Zoom and Skype.

The most important aspect regarding transferring a UK pension to New Zealand is where it is invested. We work closely with Investment Adviser Savvy Wealth Ltd to provide this advice. 

When looking at UK pension transfers the process that we usually follow starts with where the funds will be invested. Then, we work backwards from that. You need to be happy and comfortable where and how your UK pension funds are invested. It is your money after all!