Paperwork to take to New Zealand – Checklist

Make a file for all your important financial documents, and bring it with you in your hand luggage. It may also be prudent to leave copies with a friend or family member in the UK.

If the file gets too unwieldy, you may wish to consider scanning the items on the “optional” list, and bringing them on a USB memory stick or CD-rom instead. When you are cleaning out your filing cabinet make sure that you dispose of any documents carefully to prevent identity theft.

Whatever you do, make sure that your paperwork is out of the house and in a safe place when the removal company is packing your container!

If you need a paper copy of our paperwork checklist, you’ll find it in our Free New Zealand Financial Guide – order your copy today!


  • Passports and any relevant immigration documentation.
  • Your UK driving licence.
  • Tickets, e-tickets and vouchers (plane, car hire, accommodation…)
  • Details of your NZ car hire and accommodation.
  • Address list for friends, family and the NZ and UK companies and organisations you have been dealing with.
  • Bank account details and internet addresses and logins.
  • NZ and UK tax details and documentation.
  • Travel insurance documentation.
  • Details of your removal company and the shipment of your household goods.
  • Details of your cargo insurance.
  • Copies of any documentation if you are relocating your pets too.

Still Important:

  • Car insurance no claims certificate.
  • Medical records
  • Immunisation records for your children.
  • School records for your children.
  • Birth and marriage certificates.
  • Dental records.
  • Your CV and work references.


Some of the paperwork on this list, such as credit reports, bank statements, references, and insurance no-claims certificates should be considered optional – but as in the UK, sometimes having a lot of official-looking paperwork can smooth the way when you are dealing with any level of bureaucracy…

  • Bank Statements – 6-12 months worth.
  • Credit references from banks, mortgage companies, credit checking companies.
  • Details of your investments, endowments, mortgages and pensions.
  • Details and claims history from your insurance policies.
  • Receipts, brochures and instruction manuals for your household/personal goods.
  • Proof of former address in the UK, e.g. utilities bill.
  • References from landlord/letting agency if you have been renting a property in the UK.

To find out more, request a free copy of our Financial and Pension guides for New Zealand.